Why Do I Need A California Accident Report?

Why Do I Need a Crash Report?

Have you been involved in a collision in the Golden State? One of the most important things you can do after your crash is obtaining an official copy of your crash report. Not only will this benefit you if you file a claim with the insurance company, but it’s also required by California law in most cases.

Since there’s no way to establish the full extent of the collision in the immediate aftermath of a wreck, failing to obtain an official crash report by contacting the authorities could have negative repercussions. Sometimes, drivers prefer not to contact the police. In cases where the other driver has no insurance coverage, refuses to disclose their identity, or flees the scene, you should still call the police to protect your interests. Then you can request your California crash report for FREE.

When a law enforcement official is called to the scene of your crash, they will fill out an official California accident report. This report will contain vital information that could make a big difference in a personal injury settlement or insurance claim.

An official California accident report will include all pertinent details about the crash, including:

  • The location and time of the crash
  • The identities and contact information of all drivers involved in the crash
  • Drivers’ license and insurance information for all drivers
  • Vehicle information, including license plate and VIN numbers
  • The number and severity of any injuries
  • A narrative and diagram of how the incident occurred

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We believe you should never have to pay a fee or stand in line to recover legal information that is rightfully yours after a crash. That’s why we will provide an official copy of your California accident report completely free of charge!

Frequently Asked Questions About Obtaining a California Crash Report

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) charges a processing fee to retrieve an official copy of your accident report. These fees depend on the length of your report, as follows:

  • Up to 25 pages: $10.00
  • 26 – 50 pages: $20.00
  • Over 100 pages: $10.00 for each additional 25 pages

You can avoid unnecessary fees and paperwork by requesting a completely FREE copy of your official California accident report without leaving your home!

According to California Vehicle Code § 16000, there are specific requirements for filing an official accident report promptly. You are legally required to file a report to local authorities if the following occurred as a result of your crash:

  • Property damage over $1,000
  • Injuries
  • Fatalities

According to California state law, if a traffic or police officer is not called to the scene of your accident, you must report the accident to the nearest police authority or CHP office without delay.

An official California accident report filed by a law enforcement official contains an unbiased narrative of your crash. This evidence could be crucial if you decide to file a claim with an insurance company. Without an official crash report supporting your story about your accident, you might get low or no compensation in a settlement.

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Accident Reports and Your Insurance Company

Your official California accident report is one of the first things your insurance company will ask for when you file a claim. The insurance adjuster will use this document as evidence while investigating your claim and deciding how to proceed with your claim. It could be the difference between a significant settlement and a denial.

An official crash report can help the adjuster determine who was at fault, the extent of damages and injuries, and what witness statements to request. Once their investigation is complete, the adjuster will determine the compensation you receive and adjust your monthly insurance rate accordingly.

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