California Accident Report: 1 killed, 1 hospitalized after 4-vehicle crash on I-580 

Crash Report –   I-580, 

Livermore, CA 


Report ID: 2023 May 25

NCIC#: Unknown

OFFICER ID#: Unknown

Traffic Unit 1: Ford Mustang

Traffic Unit 2: Ford F-350

Traffic Unit 3: 2006 Chevy pickup truck 

Traffic Unit 4: Ford Expedition 

Occupants: 2

Injuries/Fatalities: Yes

Vehicle Damage (If Any): Yes

Property Damage (other than vehicles): Unknown

Road Surface Condition: Dry

Manner of Crash Impact (Single Vehicle, Angle, Left Turn, Rear-End, Head-On, Sideswipe, U-Turn, Other, Unknown): Other

Location of Pedestrian/Cyclist (If Any): N/A


LIVERMORE, CA – A driver of a Chevy truck was sent to the hospital with broken bones in both legs, while the driver of a Ford Mustang was killed following a four-vehicle crash on I-580 around 3:30 a.m. Thursday. The collision happened on the eastbound lanes of the interstate west of First Street. When the driver of the Ford F-350 and Mustang first collided with each other, the Mustang vehicle became disabled. That’s when a driver of a 2006 Chevy, going more than 75 mph, wanted to make a lane change but then did not hit the brakes in time and struck the Mustang’s front passenger door, and crashed into a fourth automobile – the Ford Expedition. The drivers of the Ford vehicles were unharmed. All eastbound lanes closed and reopened 10 minutes before 7 a.m. 

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